Cast and crew tax issues

  • Memoranda of NZ individual, contractor and company tax issues affecting cast and crew
  • Individuals – contractors – employees – loan-outs
  • Risk of attaining NZ tax resident status – dual tax resident status
  • Relevant exemptions, relief and tax positions available under NZ tax law and treaties
  • Structuring individual’s / trading entity’s affairs for efficiencies with NZ income tax, GST, and asset protection
  • Specific work-related allowances, per diems and other perquisites
  • Assistance with claimable expenses, income tax returns, and GST returns
  • In-depth tax law and practice capabilities to defend disputed positions
  • All liaison with NZ Inland Revenue managing payments, filings, assessments, tax accounts, reconciliations
  • Managing taxes for best cash flow, and to minimise tax interest and penalty charges
  • Managing bank accounts as required
  • Visa and immigration services as required