International film and television productions

Establishment and set-up

  • What onshore / offshore structure is best for your project?
  • Film incentive NZ Screen Production Rebate (NZSPR) criteria and entity choice
  • NZ taxes – income tax, withholding taxes, goods & services tax (GST), individual taxes (traps and pitfalls)
  • Financing arrangements – group, private equity, bank
  • The most effective structure for your NZ film production project funding arrangements
  • Financial reporting implications and options
  • Local company assistance – provision of NZ director / shareholder; company incorporation and registrations; bank account set up; company secretarial compliance
  • Set-up agreements and documentation advice best suited to your project – production services agreement; cast & crew assignments; security deeds; banking deeds
  • Work-made-for-Hire / US and NZ copyright arrangements

New Zealand film incentives

  • Expert advice on NZSPR criteria and requirements for live-action productions (including the 5% Uplift, if applicable) and PDV / VFX productions
  • Opinions on film rebate entitlement and likely (budgeted costs) quantum of rebate
  • All registrations / repurposing and other waiver applications, preparation, project-managing processes
  • Rebate application completion (including 5% Uplift Provisional Certificate Application, provisional and interim applications, if appropriate) and project-management to maximise and de-risk your incentive claim, including liaising with your rebate auditor and the NZ Film Commission’s consultants, to approval and receipt


 Financial accounting

  • Advice on your financial accounting obligations, based on our accounting standards expertise
  • Processing and payment of payroll and supplier invoices
  • Post-production accounting
  • Financial statements preparation in accordance with the accounting standards appropriate to your project
  • Work with auditors (if applicable) to completion

New Zealand and international taxation planning and obligations

  • Summary NZ tax outline for production companies and other entities
  • Local taxes – income tax & GST & withholding taxes
  • Local company or other entity balance date approvals
  • Determining your NZ production profit margin
  • Repatriation and unwind upon completion
  • Understanding multi-year tax accounting impacts
  • International tax issues and tax treaty relief
  • All local taxation compliance matters, tax payments, tax returns and filings
  • GST return preparation & reconciliation, filings and optimal cash flows
  • All liaison with NZ Inland Revenue managing payments, filings, assessments, tax accounts, reconciliations

Managing contracts with cast and crew

  • Understanding the individual and loan-out NZ tax issues
  • Engagement basis as contractors or employees
  • Production requirements and impact on cast and crew taxation positions
  • Foreign vs local company engagement of production cast and crew, including foreign Guild requirements
  • Assignment arrangements and split contracts
  • Engagement of cast and crew that supports your film incentive entitlement